copper clad aluminum bus-bar     

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Copper clad aluminum busbar is bimetal conductor developed to provide an economic and alternative to solid copper. CCA busbar is produced by hydrostatic extrusion process, and consist of solid core of electrical grade aluminum with a pressure bonded outer layer of high conductivity copper.
CCA busbar therefore offers economic and weight saving advantages over solid copper, while retaining the surface properties of a copper busbar. It is often possible to substitute a copper bar with a CCA busbar of equal dimensions. This yields the maximum cost saving.
All rectangular and round sections are produced using a nominal copper cladding of 15% by volume (37% by weight) with the exception of certain sizes of high aspect ratio which are produced with nominally 20% copper by volume (45% by weight).

■ Good conductivity AC current carrying capacity is 81%-85%.
■ Low weight CCA busbar density is only 37%-45% of solid copper busbar,so the length of cca busbar is 2.5-2.7 times of solid copper bar. Reduce weight by up to 60%.
■ Good mechanical property Excellent tensile strength, flexibility and extensibility. It can be punched,sheared and ended easily. In order to improve its anti-corrosion property, tin or zine can be coated on the surface of cca busbar
■ Save cost CCA busbar can save as much as 40% compared with a copper bar of equal
Welding machine, Transformer, Transducer, Generator, motor, Main-frequency induction device, Switchgear, Busbar room, Accumulator, Braid connection.