sawing wire      0.12mm

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Sawing wire
The use of ultra tensile technology which allows us to produce very thin and very high tensile wires which result in low kerf loss (and hence more wafers per cut) and less fractures (resulting in a higher productivity)
Tight diameter and ovality tolerances
A wide range of spool types that assures our saw wire can be used on all machine types
An advanced winding technology which allows us to deliver an optimal winding quality

Product description

  Sawing wire is a high grade steel wire that can be used to cut a wide range of products. It serves as the abrasive carrier in a Multi Wire Saw.

The technique finds its origin in the world of solar cells. From the mid eighties, this technology was developed to decrease kerf loss and increase productivity. In the early nineties the method was also introduced for slicing silicon ingots to wafers for the electronics industry. Since then the technique has been more and more introduced for cutting other hard and brittle materials as well