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Wire drawing dies
We supply wire drawing dies(natural diamond dies, synthetic diamond dies, Tungsten carbide dies; high crystal dies) for copper, aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, etc.Any inner hole and casing dimension is available.Specifications no bigger than 0.3mm is natural diamond.Bigger than 0.3mm is PCD.
Diamond Dies
TC has indefectible advanced specialized skill to manufacture diamond dies.
TC believe our dies are plain, hardness, durability and suitable for high-carbon steel wires, tire cords, soft golden, sliver, tube and bar wires. The dies from TC can reach the strict demands of customer.
TC can provide shape dies, such as hexagonal, square, and round dies. The production range  which we can make for round dies is the diameter from 0.02m/m to 34.00m/m.
Natural & Tinned Diamond Dies (ND)
Natural diamond dies and mono dies is the best choice for drawing fine wires, golden wires, alloy wires and wires which need the delicate and brightness surface.
TC individually select premium diamond ores free from cracks and impurities. According to the crystallized orientations of diamond ores, the excellent sintering technique applied is to reach the best durability and hardness (about 60 HRC) and to intensify the resistance to wear and to protect diamonds to prevent crack. It can keep our diamond dies have the best quality and longevity.
Synthetic Diamond Dies (PCD)
Synthetic diamond dies are used for tube wires and wires; their durability, hardness is the best choice for the special requests of die hold. TC dies are sintered with high pressure and low temperature to effectively strengthen the surface of the die blanks with metal powder, above 52 HRC, to form a protective layer to enhance the durability.
Soft Wire products:
Copper wire, Aluminum wire, Brass wire,Gold wire, etc.
Hard Wire products:
Stainless steel wire, Copper plated steel wire, Galvanized steel wire, Brass plated steel wire,tungsten wire, etc.